Hiya babe!! Love this blog and I adore your blurbs! Would you consider doing a smutty blurb with our beloved Harry? I love the idea of y/n meeting him at a pub/bar with his and your friends. While y/n is a wee bit on the chubby side, you're convinced he'll be making a move on your friend. But as the drinks, laughs & conversation flows, you realize he only, surprisingly, has eyes for you. Annnnnnd then sooooo much hawwwt smuttiness! You rock - thanks!! xx
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Hiiii, thank you thank you! I hope you like it, it’s not exactly the way you prompted but I think the same concept is there :) It turned out longer than expected which is part of the reason why it took so long to finish, but here it is and I hope it fits what you had in your head <3


You check yourself in the side mirror of your car, making it the twentieth time you’ve examined your own reflection since you left the house. There’s no lipstick to wipe off your teeth, no wrinkles left in your dress to straighten out, no visible bra or pantylines, nor is there a wayward hair ruining your look. You waver for a long moment, panicking a little now that you have no reason not to go into the building you’re parked behind where the sounds of muted music and revelry are filtering from. You’re being ridiculous, you know it, but you can’t help but consider getting back into the driver’s seat and peeling out of the parking lot, telling them you came down with something and couldn’t make it. They were your friends, they’d understand. Just as your hands twitch towards the door handle, your phone buzzes and you check it.

you still coming?? it’s almost 9 and I really wanna see you before I go :(

You gulp and feel utterly ashamed of yourself. The text comes from your friend Nadia, the one being honored at tonight’s gathering before she’s off to Spain for over a month with her husband for his job. She had invited you and many other people, several of them were mutual friends or acquaintances, others you only know by name, and still others you don’t know at all. But it isn’t the idea of being in a large group of people that’s making you shake in your boots, it’s really only one of those people, a man by the name of Harry. He’s tall and curly haired, green eyed and goofy, with one of the best smiles you’ve ever seen. In the handful of times you’ve been around him, he’s always been nothing short of completely sweet and nice and likable to you, but you can never help turning into a mute ball of insecurity.

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